About us

What is iTCH!

iTCH! (Interact with Technology to Co-Create better Health) is a co-creative and interactive platform that aims to help end-users and providers collaborate with companies, researchers and healthcare professionals to ensure solutions for modern problems.


Because working together works better!

On the origin of…

EDUCAT, an Interreg V A 2 Seas-project. It is an abbreviation of Empowerment of Disabled People through User Co-Production of Assistive Technology. Our four main goals are:

  1. developing assistive technology adapted to the user’s needs and test it by clinical trials
  2. co-creating the assistive technology on our platform iTCH!
  3. promoting independence, improving quality of life and saving costs and time.
  4. establishing a cross-border network with all kinds of stakeholders

Who are we?

A partner team consisting of:

  • Groupe Yncréa (FR)
  • The University of Kent (UK)
  • East Kent Hospitals University Foundation Trust (UK)
  • KU Leuven (BE)
  • Voka – Chamber of Commerce of East Flanders (BE)
  • Sussex Community NHS Trust (UK)

The project benefits from further involvement of service users and a group of observers: CRN-T APF (FR), DSP Valley (BE), Dynamic Control (UK), ESIGELEG (FR), Eurasanté (FR), KABIF (UK) and SWBF (UK).

Furthermore EDUCAT is financially supported by the European Commission (Interreg V A 2 Seas-program) and the province of East-Flanders.

iTCH! (Interact with Technology to Co-Create better Health)