Wheelchair Remote Control Via App

Remote Control (Dyasten)


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To maneuver your wheelchair closer by means of an app

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Victor Jung
Hello, I'm currently in IT engineering school (3rd year) in France and I'd like to launch a project for solving this issue. First I'll look for more details about the project and then I'll ask my school for building a team around this project. Here a little list of technical details I need to know : - What's the model of wheelchair you want to use. - Which protocol the wheelchair use ? (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc...). - Where come from the person who gave the idea ? (I'll maybe need to discuss with him/her for feedback). If anyone else already starts to work on it let's team up and share information.
I'm happy to hear that you are interested! About the details you need: - I have 3 wheelchairs: an Invacare Storm 3 and two Invacare Storm 4. One normal Storm 4 and the other one is an X-plore True Track Plus model. The Storm 3 doesn't have any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi sender/receiver. The other Storm 4 models doesn't have them either but I'll ask my supplier to double check on that. The idea comes from me.
Amelie Boyle
I also need a controller to consent an engine, RC and possibly an Arduino control chassis-24V chair. I want perfect, slow, kind movements just with the controller to use standing in a wheelchair. Site: appdevelopmentcalifornia


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