Wheelchair monitoring system for diagnosis and need for intervention

Wheelchair monitoring system


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We are 6 partner institutions comming from 3 countries (France, UK and Belgium) and having complementary skills (researchers in assistive technology, robotics, clinical engineer and scientists). We are involved in a European project EDUCAT (www.educat2seas.eu) which will develop and test, by clinical trials, new Assistive Technologies for disabled people having motor impairment or/and neurological disorders. We aim to develop a system which measures the way you drive the wheelchair, your level of stress or your general mood, in order to inform your physician on the efficiency of your treatment, and your wheelchair provider on how they can improve your driving settings. If you are interested to contribute in that idea, share with us your feeling or/and experince as a user or a caregiver, please let us know your ideas, comments. Come on, let’s build it together!

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Laurens Fagard
Hallo, ik vind het een uitstekend idee dat mensen in de zorgsector hierbij worden betrokken.
Alexis Clemente
Bonjour, je travaille sur ce projet et je suis très intéressé pour obtenir des retours d'utilisateurs, du personnel soignant ou d'autres chercheurs travaillant sur les mêmes thématiques. N'hésitez pas à me contacter sur cette plateforme
Annemarie Kokosy
Hi. We are looking for users having a wheelchair with a DynamicControl electronich, who want to be involved in clinical trials. They are running until end of March. Please contact us if you want to participate!
Larpodova Larpodova
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