Automated speech therapy for Parkinson disease

Automated speech therapy for Parkinson disease


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Co-create and test our speech coaching bot that improves the voice intelligibility of patients with Parkinson's disease; through automatic feedback, scientific insights and smart exercises, based on voice analysis and artificial intelligence.

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Annemarie Kokosy
How can we test your technology?
Thomas Vervaet

In reply to by Annemarie Kokosy

Hi Annemarie, You can find the current proof of concept here: Record your voice and practice, share and get feedback on the demo-exercises. You can contact me through for more information. Regards
Selma de Wit

In reply to by Thomas Vervaet

Dear Thomas, the link directs me to a blue screen!?
Thomas Vervaet

In reply to by Selma de Wit

Dear Selma, try to refresh the page (push "F5" on your keyboard). You should see the words "loading" on the blue screen and after a couple of moments, the login page should appear. This should work, otherwise you can always contact me. Regards
Johanna Louwagie
Hi Thomas, I presented your tool to my speach therapist. She likes it very much. She was very happy to know about it and is surely planning to use it with other patients. Today we practiced together: it was an online session. Ik had my head set on and shared my screen, so she could see the reports. It all worked well. Just one question: could you specify the unit of volume in %? What value is it base on and how come I have to put it as low as 20% even when I speak loud and clear (according to my therapist)? My therapist also thougt it would be nice to have some sentences to practice with. Or even better: to allow her to add word-lists and/or sentences. That way, the excercises can be personnalised according to the needs of the patient. Thanks for the nice work! kind regards, Johanna
Els Delaere

In reply to by Johanna Louwagie

Hi Johanna, I’m very curious in the outcome of the further developments in this technology.


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