Welcome to iTCH!

Welcome on iTCH!

iTCH! is your brand-new online, free and international platform regarding health care.

You can use it to share your innovative health care ideas and to participate in ongoing projects.
Anyone involved in health care can share, join, test and launch projects on iTCH: doctors and health care providers, researchers, network organisations, companies, (IT-) developers, engineers, patients, people in need of care and their families. They are intended to co-create and network on iTCH!

iTCH! was created in the framework of the EDUCAT project. EDUCAT aims to develop and deliver adaptive, open and modular technology to promote independence and improve quality of life for people with motor impairment and neurological disorders. EDUCAT is subsidized by the Interreg 2 seas VA- Program 2014-2020, co financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Province East-Flanders.

So, iTCH! has interesting European project partners: Catholic University of Leuven, East Kent Hospitals University, ISEN Lille, Sussex Community NHS, University of Kent, Voka – Chamber of Commerce of East-Flanders.

We hope that you will share innovative, pioneering and exciting health care ideas on iTCH!

Keep iTCHing!

The iTCH! team