Interact with Technology

to Co-create better Health.

This platform was created in the framework of the EDUCAT project, subsidized by the Interreg 2 seas- Program 2014-2020,
cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund and the Province East-Flanders.

  • Discover

    This is Marie, as a physiotherapist she is curious to discover the projects on iTCH!. She has no particularly idea to share, but considers participating in a project suggested by someone else and is curious to read more about it.
    When she clicks on DISCOVER, Marie can see the already existing projects and examine the ideas she likes.
    Do you want to discover or read about the already existing projects on iTCH! just like Marie? Click on this discover-button!

  • Develop

    This is Thomas, he is a musician with motor impairment. He discovered a new project on iTCH! concerning the development of electronic music instruments adapted to wheelchair users. A wheelchair developer, a synthesiser manufacturer and a ICT’er were already involved in this project.
    If Thomas clicks on DEVELOP, he is able to participate in this project and has the possibility to become a project partner as well.
    Do you want to participate in a project just like Thomas? Click on this develop-button!

  • Test

    For Charlotte and her husband John it’s not easy to travel in a comfortable way, because John is a wheelchair user. They discovered a project on iTCH! about creating very light and portable threshold ramps to support the independent mobility of wheelchair users.
    The project partners are looking for persons to test this project and Charlotte and John are willing to do this.
    If they click on TEST they are able to meet the developers of the portable ramps to test this project. Do you want to test a project just like Charlotte and John? Click on this test-button!

  • Launch

    Daktari works at a company that creates assistive technologies. He and his project partners developed a new technology to be used in adaptive sports.
    Their project is ready to be launched, because the results of their tests were very positive and the test public is longing to use it as soon as possible.
    If Daktari clicks on LAUNCH, his project is ready for the market. Do you want to launch your project just like Daktari? Click on this launch-button!


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